KUZEY K300

A clever little bullpup from Kuzey Arms! The K300 uses a practically one of a kind cocking mechanism that's sure to suit both lefties and righties!

The K300 isn't just a one trick gimmick rifle however. The K300 features a beautifully curvy walnut stock, a crisp two stage adjustable trigger, a picatinny rail, 1/2UNF threading and unlike many bullpups today... a proper cheekpiece!

The main attraction with the K300 however is the underlever cocking mechanism. Operating the unit itself gives off similar sensation to cocking a pump action shotgun with the shooter's leading hand using a quick pull/push motion. What makes this system excellent is that no matter if you're a left or right handed shooter the cocking mechanism is easily accessible. 

The best thing about the K300 is the overall finish, the walnut stock is beautiful to look at and the metalwork is superb with a seriously eye catching glossy finish. 

For those looking for something a bit more "special" than the run of the mill bullpups on the market today you won't get much better than the K300.

Spec sheet.
.177, .22 and .25 calibres available,        length: 31.1",         weight: 3.3KG,          adjustable two stage trigger,              Underlever cocking mechanism,             walnut stock,          solid glossy action,        
1/2UNF thread,          multi-shot rifle.

£520. Price includes a full test before collection/transfer and a tin of pellets! Contact us for purchasing or more information. 
                                             KUZEY K600

Kuzey's sporter rifle that Dan can't wait to review. The K600 is a genuinely beautiful rifle with elegant lines with zero unnecessary gimmicks. You get a stunning walnut stock with a built in adjustable cheekpiece, a beautifully finished action and metalwork, a two stage adjustable trigger, 1/2UNF threading and a Picatinny rail to mount a scope. 

No fancy words are required for the K600, it's a classic sporting PCP that'd make a fantastic target rifle or hunter.. it's possibly our absolute favourite looking rifle we stock. 

Spec sheet.
.177, .22 and .25 calibres available.,       Length: 41.3".         Weight: 3.75kg,       two stage adjustable trigger,     1/2UNF thread,   Picatinny scope rail,       walnut stock,        adjustable cheekpiece,        sidelever action,       gloss finish. 

£520. All rifles are tested before collection/transfer. Contact us for purchasing and more information.
                                             KUZEY K900
For those that like the K600 but want something a bit more substantial. The K900 is a cracking rifle and effectively the bottle version of the already impressive K600.

The K900 is sure to be a big hit down at the range thanks to its list of features such as the adjustable cheekpiece, two stage adjustable trigger, beautifully finished walnut stock (the grip in particular is fantastic) and the silky smooth action that we've come to love on the Kuzey rifles. 

The best bit of all? The price is the exact same as the K600! It doesn't get much better than that.

Spec sheet.
.177, .22 and .25 calibres available.      Length: 41.7",        Weight: 3.9kg,    Two stage adjustable trigger,         adjustable cheekpiece,     walnut stock,      1/2UNF thread,         sidelever action,        gloss finish.

£520All rifles are tested before collection/transfer. Contact us for purchasing and more information.