Brand new for 2022 the fantastic Cometa USC gets a stunning new eye catching laminate stock. The stock features and adjustable cheekpiece and thanks to the grey colouring unlike many other laminate stocks you could easily use the rifle for hunting.

Underneath the rifle is still the Ultra Short Carbine meaning you get a two stage adjustable trigger, cold hammer forged barrel an automatic and resettable safety and a metal silencer. 

The USC's are incredible rifles thanks to their accuracy down range and excellent handling characteristics. Thanks to the low recoil despite its small stature the rifle is easy to shoot well and the action itself is whisper quiet with almost zero "twang". 

The USC was already one of the best hunting springers on the market but now they're easily one of the best looking to go with it, and the best news is that like the other Cometa's the USC comes with a lifetime warranty.. doesn't get any better than that!

Spec sheet.
.177 & .22 cal,       Weight: 6.54lbs,         Break barrel action,        Compact,        removable silencer,       
Laminate stock,         Cold hammer forged barrel,      Two stage adjustable trigger,         High power,   Automatic resettable safety,             Lifetime warranty.

£350, Contact us for purchasing or more information. Each rifle is tested before collection or RFD transfer.
                COMETA 100
A stunning little rifle that would make either the perfect beginner/juniors rifle or close range ultra light weight close range verminator. 

Despite the low price the Cometa 100 comes with some truly stunning features, number one of which is the barrel. Unlike many budget air rifles (and premium rifles!) the Cometa 100 comes with a laser accurate cold hammer forged barrel making the little 100 possibly the most accurate beginners rifle on the market.

The 100 has also been fitted with an automatic safety which is a superb addition for a junior rifle where teaching about rifle safety is absolutely paramount.

A full set of sights has also been included with the 100 but the rifle has also been fitted with a dovetail rail for the mounting of a scope. 

Possibly the greatest feature about the 100 (and Cometa rifles in general) is that you also get a lifetime warranty! Something that not even the most expensive brands will offer.

Overall the Cometa 100 is an incredibly well built, accurate and safe air rifle that is sure to last a lifetime. If there's a better beginners rifle on the market... we haven't seen it!

Spec sheet.
.177 & .22 calibres available,           40" long,          5.9lbs,             Cold hammer forged barrel,          Micrometer sights,         Spring powered action,          Break barrel,        Automatic/re-settable safety,          Lifetime warranty.

£160, Price includes testing and barrel clean upon request! Contact us for purchasing and more information.
                                             COMETA 220
The Cometa 100's bigger brother. The Cometa 220 shares the same silky smooth recoil and easy handling characteristics of the Cometa 100 but in a more powerful and slightly larger package. 

The 220 despite still being a light weight rifle still shoots like an absolute dream thanks to the cold hammer forged barrel and the extremely smooth shot cycle that Cometa's are famous for. 

An automatic/re-settable safety has also been fitted to the 220 making the rifle safe and also excellent for beginners to learn the basics of rifle safety with minimal risk. 

An adjustable two stage trigger has also been fitted to the 220 allowing each shooter to fine tune the trigger pull for maximum consistency. 

The Cometa 220 is available in three different versions with the standard 220, the 220 Galaxy which features a tough synthetic stock and the 220 Compact which has a shorter barrel and a silencer fitted as standard making it an excellent little hunter. 

As with all Cometas the overall build quality and internal finish is absolutely superb and to show our confidence in the rifle each 220 comes with a lifetime warranty. It doesn't get much better than that!

Spec sheet.
.177&.22 calibres available,        Length 41" (Carbine 40"),           Weight 6.1lbs,              Cold hammer forged barrel,         Micrometer sights,      Spring powered action,          Break barrel,        Automatic/re-settable safety,          Lifetime warranty,        available in multiple stock options/configurations.  

Cometa 220 £180
Cometa 220 carbine £195 (scope not included)
Cometa Galaxy £185. (scope not included) 
Price includes testing and barrel clean upon request! Contact us for purchasing and more information.
                 COMETA 300

Another beautifully made air rifle from Cometa, the 300 has some of the prettiest lines of any air rifle on sale today and tremendous build quality to back up the looks.

Unlike many air rifles on the market nothing has been sacrificed for the quality of the rifle. The barrel is a cold hammer forged unit guaranteeing accuracy at all ranges and the recoil as with all Cometas is lovely and soft. 

The trigger is a two stage adjustable unit that is lovely and crisp and can be set to suit any particular shooter's tastes. The rifle also features one of the best and most ergonomic safeties on the market which is easily toggled simply with your thumb whilst aiming down the sights.

The Cometa 300 is a high powered air rifle and will perform beautifully whether it's punching targets or tackling vermin. 

As with all Cometa rifles the 300 also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Spec sheet.
.177&.22 calibres available,        Length 44",           Weight 7.5lbs,         Cold hammer forged barrel,  
Micrometer sights,         Spring powered action,          Break barrel,        Manual ergonomic safety,         Lifetime warranty,      High power.

£195, Price includes testing and barrel clean upon request! Contact us for purchasing and more information.
                                         COMETA FENIX 400

Cometa's flagship springer and for good reasoning. The Fenix 400 isn't just an excellent rifle "for the money" it's an excellent rifle full stop, even compared to the most expensive "premium" brands.

For starters the Fenix comes with Cometas renowned cold hammer forged barrel for class leading accuracy and consistency. The Fenix's like all Cometas also have incredibly soft recoil cycles which is further helped by the rifle's superb balance. 

The overall build quality is also superb with the internals being incredibly well finished. Cometa are so confident that their rifles will last that they all come with lifetime warranties and the Fenix is no different. A feat and service that almost no other premium brand will offer. 

The Fenix is also fitted with an automatic and re-settable safety.

The Fenix also comes with a very sweet two stage adjustable trigger that can be tweaked to suit each individual shooter. Multiple stock options are also available in multiple different styles including walnut stocks, target stocks with adjustable cheekpieces and carbines! There's a Fenix for every application. 

The Fenix is held in incredibly high regard around the world and thanks to the rifle's handling, power, accuracy and spec it's easy to see why.

Spec Sheet.
.177&.22 calibres available,        Length 44" (43" carbine),           Weight 7.5lbs(7lbs carbine),              Cold hammer forged barrel,        Micrometer sights,         Spring powered action,          Break barrel,      automatic safety,         Lifetime warranty,             High power,          Available in standard, Carbine, Galaxy, Premier, Star and Premier Star models.

Cometa Fenix 400 £240
Cometa Fenix 400 Galaxy £235
Cometa Fenix 400 Carbine £280
Cometa Fenix 400 Star £285
Cometa Fenix Premier (Walnut) £285
Cometa Fenix Premier Star (Walnut) £330
Price includes testing and barrel clean upon request! Contact us for purchasing and more information.
                               COMETA ULTRA SHORT CARBINE
Simply put one of the best hunting break barrels rifles on the market. 

True to its name the Ultra Short Carbine is an incredibly compact rifle designed to be easy to manage inside of woodland areas where many larger rifles would get caught on branches and bushes. 

The shorter dimensions also make the rifle very light at only 6.66lbs unscoped making it very fast and steady to raise which is excellent for walked up style hunting. 

The common shortfalls of compact air rifles is usually a lack of power, increased cocking effort and at times poor accuracy. Thankfully the USC suffers from none of these problems thanks to some very clever engineering and quality components. Cocking effort is minimal and the accuracy and power is also top drawer thanks to Cometa's acclaimed Cold hammer forged barrel.

The trigger is a two stage adjustable unit that is light and crisp and the cheekpiece on the "star" model is also adjustable for perfect eye alignment. 

To top it all off the USC comes with a beautiful walnut stock making it stand out from the crowd. 

This all comes together to make one of our favourite rifles that we stock as it ticks every box. It's beautifully accurate, light, well balanced, offers a high level of adjustability, is high power and best of all comes with our lifetime warranty. 

But the best bit of all? It won't cost a fortune neither!

Spec sheet
.177 & .22 cal,       Weight: 6.66lbs,         Break barrel action,        Compact,        removable silencer,
Walnut stock,         Cold hammer forged barrel,      
Two stage adjustable trigger,         High power, 
Lifetime warranty.

£290Price includes testing and barrel clean upon request! Contact us for purchasing and more information. RFD transfers available!
                      COMETA FUSION

Cometa's new flagship springer and an absolutely beautiful rifle across the board. With proud lines and a fantastic finish that makes it stand out against every other springer in the market. 

When it comes to features and overall handling the Fusion is almost a perfect 10/10. The rifle is definitely a giant compared to some other spring rifles on the market but it's an exceptionally well behaved giant. The rifle is actually light for its size and features impeccable handling thanks to Cometa doing an excellent job in sorting out the rifle's balance. 

The Fusion also comes with a fantastic two stage adjustable trigger which helps with accuracy and consistency. An incredibly ergonomic automatic re-settable safety has also been fitted which is easily accessed with the shooter's thumb. 

The overall metalwork on the Fusion is also fantastic with the rifle featuring a beautifully made all metal bull barrel finished off with a metal airstripper which ejects the turbulent air away from the pellet and also acts to decrease recoil. 

The Fusion in general has one of the sweetest shot cycles on the market, the lock time is fast and even the .177 has minimal recoil with the rifle "pushing" into the shoulder instead of jerking/jumping like many high end rifles on the market.

On the subject of accuracy the Fusion has been fitted with Cometa's own widely acclaimed cold hammer forged barrel which offers world class accuracy no matter what the competition is using. The length of the barrel also makes cocking the Fusion an absolute doddle!

The stock finish on both the beech and Walnut models is beautiful with an incredibly deep dot style pattern that not only looks fantastic but also provides the shooter with a ton of grip especially in wet and cold weather conditions.

If the standard Fusion is not to your liking the great news is that the rifle is also available in multiple styles. The Fusion Star features an adjustable cheekpiece for even better consistency and the Premier models also feature walnut stocks. For hunters there's even a tough synthetic "Galaxy" option. 

The Fusion is also ambidextrous which is fantastic news for the lefties out there looking for their next high grade springer.

But the absolute best thing about the Fusion is that Cometa have put so much effort into designing the rifle that it also comes with a lifetime warranty, and for all of this quality you're still paying less than most other "premium" springers. That sounds like a winner to us!

.177 & .22 calibres available,         Weight: 7.5lbs,        Cold hammer forged barrel,          Air stripper,  
Break barrel,              Spring powered action,             Full power,            Automatic safety re-settable safety,
Ambidextrous,            Smooth recoil,               Two stage adjustable trigger,           Metal bull barrel,
Adjustable cheekpiece/Walnut/Synthetic stock options available.           Lifetime Warranty. 

Fusion: £280
Fusion Star:£295
Fusion Galaxy: £240
Fusion Premier (Walnut): £300
Fusion Premier Star (Walnut/Adj cheekpiece):£330
Price includes testing and barrel clean upon request! Contact us for purchasing and more information.