A fresh rifle from a fresh company! The all new Edge-X is a truly special bit of kit that pretty much has every base covered out of the box. Whether it's the multi-purpose Edge-X Black, the smart EDGE-X Walnut or the ultimate hunter Edge-X Camo.

In regards to features the rifle comes with a match-type adjustable trigger for both feel and even blade direction. The Edge is also fed via a buddy bottle for a massive shot count, to add to this the rifle is also fitted with a built in regulator for even greater air efficiency further improving not only shot count but also consistency. The rifle is also fitted with both regulator and air pressure gauges.

The Edge-X's barrel is also a fully free floating unit for maximum consistency and features 1/2"UNF threading for the fitting of a silencer. A silencer is also included with the rifle for good measure. 

Another lovely addition is the fitment of a power adjuster with four different power settings making the rifle a fantastic multi-purpose rifle. Ideal for quiet back garden plinking on low power or hunting on high power.

Where the rifle really stands out however is in the ergonomics and stock features. The rifle uses a silky smooth semi-bullpup action that's easier to use than traditional full on bullpup sidelevers and another lovely touch is the weaver scope rail and accessory rails either side of the action. 

An adjustable buttpad is built into the rifle (Camo/Black) to increase the length of pull and the cheekpiece is also height adjustable for the perfect cheek weld every time, it doesn't stop there however as the Edge-X also has a handy mag holder in the base of the buttstock along with push-button QD style sling swivels allowing the shooter to quickly fit a sling either on the right or left side of the rifle (Camo/Black). The grip is also rubberised (Camo/Black) for greater feel.

If that wasn't enough they also come with three magazines as standard... 

....the best news of all though? It won't cost you and arm and a leg neither!! 

Spec Sheet:
.177, .22 & .25 calibres soon available,   length: 89cm,          weight: 4kg,       regulated action,      sidelever action,      semi-bullpup,         manual safety,        adjustable match type trigger,       power adjuster, 
free floating barrel,         1/2"UNF barrel,          silencer included,         black synthetic, camo and walnut versions available,      adjustable butt pad,         adjustable cheekpiece,         quick fit sling swivel, 
high shot count,          three mags as standard.

¬£TBA, contact us or get your nearest gun shop to contact A-S-I for more information on 01728 688555!