Although a pellet fired from an Air Rifle may not seem as dangerous as a bullet they will still cause serious injury if not used correctly. Air Rifles must always be kept in a  secure location away from children, and persons under the age of 14 must always be accompanied by an adult when using an Air Rifle.


Air Rifles must never be pointed at any other persons/livestock or property and if not in use must be kept in its box or slip at all times.


The Air Rifle should always be treated as though it is loaded, for example never under any circumstances should you look into the barrel of the rifle and never should the air rifle be pointed towards anyone or in any general direction where there may be people/ people may pass through.


Only shoot on land where you have permission to shoot and never shoot into anyone else's property or near a footpath or road.


If the air rifle has a safety always make sure it is kept on unless you are positive you are about to fire. If your intended quarry gets away or you lose focus it is recommended you switch the safety back on where possible.


When cocking a spring powered rifle it is generally considered best to hold the barrel/lever down until the pellet is loaded even if an anti beartrap mechanism is fitted (Nobody wants to lose their fingers!!)


As long as these fairly simple guidelines are being kept in mind then nothing should stop you from having a great time with your Air Rifle. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy many years of safe shooting.