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                              Weihrauch Pre-charged Pneumatics
                         Weihrauch HW100 Sporter/Thumbhole
Legendary accuracy, near unbeatable consistency and world renowned ruggedness and reliability. The HW100 
isn't like your traditional high end fair weather PCP.. The HW100 is an absolute workhorse that is just as at home punching holes in targets as it is dispatching vermin inside a muddy tractor or 4x4!

The HW100 uses an ultra slick sidelever action which is much easier to use than a traditional bolt especially from the prone shooting position. The barrel is free floating for superior accuracy and the trigger is a superb two stage adjustable unit. 

The barrel is also threaded and comes with Weihrauch's high efficiency silencer as standard.

The rifle is finished off in a beautiful checkered Walnut stock that is brilliantly crafted and ergonomically designed. The HW100 is also available in an elegant Walnut thumbhole stock.

Two mags are supplied with the HW100 alongside the rifle's fill gear. The HW100 is the PCP that can do everything and thanks to its well renowned rugged construction it'll do it for years to come. 
Spec Sheet,
.177 & .22 calibres available,         Length 975mm,             Weight 8.3lbs,              Pre-charged Pneumatic,             Sidelever action,            Multi-shot,             Superb two stage adjustable trigger,          Threaded barrel,              Silencer included,     
Two magazines included,        Thumbhole stock available.
Comes with a free tin of pellets! Contact us for more information, purchasing and RFD transfers!
                                      HW110 Synthetic Sporter

A seriously tough compact Multi-shot PCP, the HW110 is a discreet and pointable PCP that features Weihrauchs fast sidelever action in a new soft touch synthetic stock. The HW110 comes with a brilliant match trigger for superb shot to shot consistency and two magazines straight out of the box. This mated with the excellent Weihrauch barrel makes for the ultimate zero gimmick air rifle with class leading accuracy, reliability and consistency. 
Spec Sheet,
.177 & .22 calibres available,             Length 1060mm,           Weight 7lbs,         Pre-charged Pneumatic,              Sidelever action,
Multi-shot,              Two stage adjustable trigger,             Threaded barrel,          Silencer included,              Soft touch stock, 
Two magazines included,     
Comes with a free tin of pellets, Contact us for more information, purchasing or RFD transfers!