RETAY AIR RIFLES
                                             100X SERIES
It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd these days with the plenty of excellent underlever rifles on offer at the moment, however Retay have not only thrown their hat into the ring with the X100 Series but they've truly hit the ground running. That being said there's still plenty here that more traditionally minded shooters will love.

For starters the X100 comes with adjustable TRUGLO fibre optic sights as standard and the action utilises a highly proven sliding breech design which is quick and easy to use. The X100 is also fitted with an anti-beartrap safety mechanism designed to make the rifle incredibly safe to use. The trigger is also a two stage adjustable trigger unit that can be set to each individual shooters preference, further increasing consistency and accuracy plus the rifle also comes with an automatic safety as standard. 

However where the X100 really stands out from the crowd is in the stock and the finish. As standard the X100 is fitted with a beautifully finished target stock which comes in multiple different colour combinations to suit each individual shooter. The stock itself features an adjustable cheekpiece which not only aids the shooter with  consistent scope-eye alignment but also comfort as the X100's adjustable cheekpiece features a soft rubber pad making the X100 one of the most comfortable rifles to use on the market. 

The action is also differently finished compared to most other rifles on the market today with the X100 foregoing the standard blued finish and instead featuring a far tougher elecsol coating. 

Put this all together and you've got one of the most impressively spec'd out of the box rifles on the market today with not only class leading accuracy but also some seriously attention grabbing looks.

Spec sheet.

.22 calibre only,         Length 110cm,               Weight 3.6KG,               Full power,       Sliding breech, TRUGLO fibre optic sights,        Automatic safety,          Anti beartrap mechanism,          Target stock,  

Adjustable cheekpiece,      Two stage adjustable trigger,           Soft stock inserts,          Elecsol coated action.

Black: £220,  Blue sport: £220, Desert (soft touch): £220,  Ferrari (soft touch):£220

Red sport (red action):£220,  Camo:£230,  Carbon:£230,   Wood effect:£230.

Comes with a free tin of pellets! Contact us for more information, purchasing and potential RFD transfer.

                                            135X SERIES
For those who want a cutting edge rifle with a traditional and dependable break barrel design, the 135X Series packs all of the features of the Retay 100X but in a faster handling package.

The spec list for the 135X includes: a two stage adjustable trigger, automatic safety, adjustable TRUGLO sights as standard, Retay's own target stock, Elecsol coated action, adjustable cheekpiece and rubber comfort inserts for the cheekpiece, grip and forestock.

What sets the 135X apart from the 100X is the break barrel action which is faster and easier to operate than any underlever rifle which is bound to make the 135X the hunters choice. The 135X also comes with a built in muzzle weight which not only acts as a cocking aid but it also helps to control any muzzle flip in the recoil cycle making the 135X incredibly accurate and easy to shoot even for a full power air rifle. 

Tough, reliable, fast handling, powerful, unparalleled adjustability and accurate. The 135X isn't your traditional break barrel that's for sure!

Spec sheet.
.22 calibre only,     Length:110cm,     Weight:3.9kg,     TRUGLO fibre optic sights,   Automatic safety,    Break barrel action,     Target stock,      Comfort inserts,      Elecsol coated action,      Adjustable cheekpiece,   
Adjustable two stage trigger,     Muzzle weight/Cocking aid,    Full power.

Black:£220, Wood Effect:£230, Camo:£230, Desert (soft touch):£220, Ferrari(soft touch):£220, Carbon:£230.
Comes with a free tin of pellets! Contact us for more information, purchasing or potential RFD transfer.