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                                                    Milbro Air Rifles
                                  Milbro Explorer
The Milbro Explorer is a full power break barrel air rifle that brings a lot of features to the table at a low price. The Explorer comes with a two stage trigger as standard that gives the shooter a very clean and predictable break which greatly aids in accuracy,the trigger also offers a ton of adjustment with not just the pull weight but also the first and second stage is also independently adjustable.

The Explorer is also fitted with fibre optic sights that glow during low light conditions for better target acquisition. Beneath the front fibre optic sight is also a moderator for reducing the muzzle crack of the rifle. Perfect for hunting or not upsetting the neighbours during plinking time. Another feature hunters will appreciate is the re-settable safety that is easily toggled by flicking the switch in front of the trigger.

Aesthetically the rifle is a full sized rifle that is fitted with a synthetic stock that offers far higher levels of durability than a traditional wooden stock, the stock itself also features a raised cheekpeice for easier eye alignment to a scope that can be fitted to the dovetails rails atop the action. Both hunters and target shooters will find a lot to appreciate about the Milbro Explorer, especially at such a low price!

Spec Sheet,
Available in .177 & .22 calibres.     Break barrel spring piston rifle.        Fibre Optic sights.         Sound Moderator fitted.         Manual re-settable safety.      Synthetic stock.

Price £85.  Comes with free tin of pellets! Contact us for an appointment to view/test the rifle or give us a call or text on 07598454971

                                                    Milbro Sportsman
The Sportsman is yet another feature packed rifle at an incredibly low price. The Sportsman is a break barrel full sized air rifle that makes a great introductory rifle for adults. The Sportsman comes with an automatic safety that engages each time the rifle is cocked and a fibre optic foresight to aid with shooting in low light conditions and the action is also grooved for a scope for more accurate shooting at range.
Aesthetically the Sportsman is a very eye catching rifle with the wooden stock having lines similar to British air rifles in the past. The wooden stock has a very clean sporter look to it that shooters who appreciate the earlier days of shooting are sure to admire. 
Spec Sheet,
Available in .177 & .22 calibre.        Length 47 Inches.         Weight 8.4lbs.        Break Barrel Spring Piston Rifle.       Fibre Optic Foresight.  Automatic Safety.
Price £120  Comes with free tin of pellets! Contact us for an appointment to view/test the rifle or give us a call or text on 07598454971
                                               Milbro Tracker Hunter
Beauty at a low cost. The Tracker Hunter is a break barrel spring piston powered air rifle that is a further step up from the Sportsman. The Tracker Hunter comes with a two stage trigger for a more predictable break, greatly aiding accuracy the Tracker Hunter also comes with a sound moderator as standard that not only eliminates the muzzle crack when firing but also acts to balance the air rifle for far more accurate shooting due to the lessened muzzle flip. An automatic re-settable safety is also fitted that engages once the rifle has been cocked. This safety is also re-settable meaning that if your intended quarry gets away you can pull the safety toggle back to make the rifle safe again. 

Aesthetically speaking the Tracker Hunter is a seriously pretty rifle that further pushes the classic artistic style of the Sportsman but with a modern flair. The stock has very clean lines like the classic rifles in the past but with more modern features like checkering on the pistol grip and the raised cheekpiece that gives the shooter more consistent eye alignment to a scope. Even the action is exceptionally streamlined with no sights fitted keeping the rifle looking as clean as possible. The Tracker Hunter is a beautiful rifle that doesn't need bright graphics or a laminated stock to stand out from the crowd.
Spec Sheet,
.177 & .22 Calibres available.       Length 46.5 Inches.         Weight 8.2lbs.   Break Barrel Spring Piston Rifle.        Automatic Safety Re-settable.       Sound Moderator.        Wooden Stock. 
Price £125  Comes with free tin of pellets! Contact us for an appointment to view/test the rifle or give us a call or text on 07598454971
                                                  Milbro Target Master

The Target Master is the flagship air rifle from Milbro with a huge spec list. The Target Master is a break barrel spring piston powered air rifle that comes with a two stage sculpted trigger and trigger guard for better accuracy and feel. The Target Master also comes with an automatic safety, silencer for discreet shooting and a bipod for greater accuracy when prone. 

Aesthetically speaking the Target Master comes in a fantastic camouflaged synthetic stock (standard black available) that helps to keep yourself concealed in hunting scenarios. The stock itself also comes with a list of features such as an adjustable cheekpiece that can be raised by simply turning the wheel on the side of the stock so it can be set for all different shapes and sizes of shooters and the forestock is fitted with two picatinny mounts for any suitable attachments such as the included bipod or a laser/torch. The action has dovetail rails for scope mounting and also arrestor holes for greater scope stability. 

The Target Master has more features than rifles well over twice the price whilst also offering an incredible sturdiness and target rifle levels of accuracy. Thanks to the Bipod and silencer the rifle can be shot accurately almost anywhere and with the integral adjustable cheekpiece almost anyone can enjoy the Target Master. 

Spec Sheet,
.177 & .22 calibres available.      Weight 8.2lbs.         Length 46.5 Inches.         Two Stage Trigger.         Adjustable Cheekpiece.        Sound Moderator.          Bipod.              Forestock mounted Picatinny rails.           Camouflaged Synthetic stock (black available).         Automatic Re-settable safety.    
Price £165. Comes with free tin of pellets! Contact us for an appointment to view/test the rifle or give us a call or text on 07598454971
Due to VCR act of 2006 it has become illegal to post Air Rifles and Pistols due to safety reasons. If there is an Air Rifle that you are interested in please send us an Email via our "contact us" section and we'll see if we can deliver the Rifle personally. Or alternatively if you would like to try the Rifle before you buy you can come to our premises and we can make you an outdoor range. Just let us know which rifles interest you and which would be the best day for your visit. 

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