ARTEMIS CP400 (CO2)
An interesting CO2 pistol for those who love a more tactical styled pistol. Thankfully however the CP400 isn't just a case of style over substance.

The CP400 is a genuine multi-shot pistol with the mag very neatly nestling into the action so the sights are completely unobstructed. 

The trigger is also grooved for extra traction with the safety built into the trigger unit. An accessory rail is also built into the underside of the barrel for the attachment of a laser or even a torch for low light conditions.

The CP400 is a very unique take on the multi-shot CO2 pistol and is sure to be a hit for those looking for a target pistol with a difference.

Spec sheet,
.177 calibre only,         Weight 1.7lbs,         length 5.7 Inches,             Multi shot magazine,              
Full set of sights,         Built in accessory rail,          Manual safety.

Contact us for more information and purchasing, all pistols are thoroughly tested before collection or transfer.
                                           ARTEMIS LP400
A single shot pneumatic with classic M1911 styling and the performance to put a grin on anybodies face.

The particularly fantastic looking LP400 makes an excellent target or plinking pistol due to its near recoil-less power plant, making it ridiculously easy to get shots on target.

The pistol is also incredibly well made thanks to its metal construction making it far stronger and more pleasing to hold compared to the plastic pneumatics on the market.

An accessory rail has also been built into the pistol for the attachment of a laser or a torch so you can even blast away at night!

The LP400 is a brilliant performing pistol with a solid build and classic shape that's sure to put a smile on many shooter's faces.

Spec sheet,
.177 calibre only,        Length 5.7 Inches,        Weight 1.5lbs,         Single shot pneumatic,         Full metal,
Built in accessory rail.

£105, Contact us for more information and purchasing, all pistols are thoroughly tested before collection or transfer.

                                            ARTEMIS PP700
A stonking pistol that has earned a brilliant reputation for its performance and also adaptability. The PP700SA 
is an excellent pistol for all airgun disciplines including close range/indoor pest control, target shooting and plinking.

The first excellent thing about the PP700SA is its powerplant, the PP700SA is a fully fledged Pre-charged pistol meaning that it delivers pellet on pellet accuracy for even newcomers to the sport due to its recoil-less action. The pistol is also incredibly easy to use due to the lack of a piston having to be compressed, simply cock the hammer and fire away. 

 A two stage adjustable trigger has also been fitted to the PP700SA further improving the already impressive accuracy and it can be set to each shooter's individual tastes.

One reservation when it comes to PCP pistols is that they usually don't offer the best shot count due to them having a smaller air cylinder, thankfully this isn't the case with the PP700SA due to the fact that it has a built in regulator not only increasing its shot count but also improving its consistency. Another bonus is that the PP700SA is also a full power pistol so it can be used for very close range pest control on smaller vermin.

A scope rail has also been built into the pistol and we also offer a collapsible buttstock for just £25 turning the PP700SA into a very capable carbine. 

Thanks to its accuracy, built quality, power, ease of use and potential to be adapted for any task the PP700SA has become a major player in the PCP pistol world and it's easy to see why.

Spec Sheet,
.177 & .22 calibres available,         Length 15.7 Inches,           Weight 1.9lbs,               Pre-charged pneumatic action,              Single shot,          Recoil-less,           Full power,           Two stage adjustable trigger, 
Regulated,           Full metal (excl grips),           Highly adaptable.

£210Contact us for more information and purchasing, all pistols are thoroughly tested before collection or transfer.