ARTEMIS M16 HUMA REGULATOR
The M16 is a fantastic rifle even in its standard form, however with a HUMA regulator installed its potential really shines through.

Thanks to the HUMA regulator the M16 not only has exceptional consistency but the shot count also increases over the standard 115+ full power shots per fill giving our Huma regulated M16 more endurance when out in the field and the potential for greater accuracy.

All Huma regged M16's are thoroughly tested and set for the UK 12 ft-lbs legal limit.

With a HUMA regulator mated to the M16's already incredibly capable action, barrel and trigger you've got a seriously capable rifle for sub £500. It doesn't get much better than that!

Spec sheet.

Calibre  .177 & .22.      Length 37 Inches.      Weight 7lbs.     Regulated.     Two stage adjustable trigger.      Manual re-settable safety.   Silencer included.     Multi-shot magazine included.     Spare seals included.    Sidelever action,   HUMA regulator.


Contact us for more information and purchasing. RFD transfers available!